What is Borderline?

Hey babes! We are a company that is working towards building a brand around all things fashion & beauty. We currently sell lip glosses, but stay tuned. We have exciting things in the works! 


Sometimes in the world of fashion & beauty, we feel as if we don't fit in, and find ourselves playing it safe. At Borderline, we challenge that. Our brand is a place for you to embrace your radiant beauty. Don't worry, we got you! Our style is YOUR STYLE. It's time to let your confidence shine. Our mission is to make you feel as unique & beautiful as we know you are! If fashion & beauty were a spectrum, we are the line that has no end. So stop playing it safe... JOIN US as we run to the edge of style and dance along the  B O R D E R L I N E. 

Lots of love,

-The Borderline Team